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After years of working beside high-profile entrepreneurs and corporate executives in eight countries and seven languages, I've learned quite a bit about what it takes to be successful. Whether you look at an old-school scion or a Millennial tech founder, technical expertise alone isn't sufficient to be successful. You need to learn to be agile, cosmopolitan and a systems thinker.

A great business development consultant possesses these three qualities, as well as empathy. They deftly help you analyze your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your organization, resulting in a feeling of being smarter, sharper and more capable than ever before.

I provide strategic, tactical and operational planning and execution to clients across industries and continents. Specialized in cross-cultural and internationalization success thanks to my fluency in five languages and long-term residence in eight countries, my superpower is making the big things seem very conquerable. I will guide you into breaking your business down into manageable pieces, encouraging you to prioritize simplicity and transparency to optimize relationships, increase focus, and maximize financial returns.

Myy clients come from the design, entertainment, media, and luxury sectors, although the last five years I've been focusing more on the technology industry. Regardless of their background, my clients consistently depend on me to support them in achieving their goals with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and sustainability.

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international business development


Born to a Scandinavian family in San Francisco, I had a fairly typical childhood - for a product of the Bay Area in the 70s, that is. My Viking family was well-traveled and worked in design and entrepreneurship, but out in the streets, life was gritty and in-your-face. Radical thinking and acting was the norm for the Bay Area at the time, even as kids. We were encouraged to challenge the status quo by openly discussing the realities of society and push forward with ambitious solutions.

This environment created a petri dish for innovation, long before the tech industry took hold. Corporations like Peets, Banana Republic, Gap, Rolling Stone, North Face, The Body Shop, Papyrus, and PowerBar are seen as behemoths today, but at the time, they were just the small businesses of our free-thinkin friends and neighbors.

Fast forward two years and I was having the time of my life in  London, writing for such publications as NME, The Guardian, I-D, and Vox, just to name a few.

I eventually settled in Paris working for even more high-profile entrepreneurs and executives, including Mohamed Al Fayed (Harrods, the Ritz Paris) and the family of Bernard Arnault (founder of LVMH, an empire of 70 luxury brands, and the world's third-richest man).

Some of the parents were even high-profile academics or rockstars, but they were always values-led with their feet firmly on the ground. Over and over again, we were shown that a successful career and great values were not mutually exclusive.

Inspired,  I hustled a job with a successful fashion retailer in Berkeley at 13 years old, before I could legally work. At 16, I started working for an iconic Bay Area entrepreneur in music, food, and fashion businesses. Bored by 17, I emptied my savings, grabbed my Swedish passport, and ran off to Europe on my own.

Although I consider San Francisco and Sweden to be my childhood homes, I lived longest in Paris and London and they feel most like home today.


My favorite country is Italy, where I lived and worked on and off for a number of years. Come hell or high water, I'll retire there one day, nestled between the hills and lakes of the north.

During the last five years, I decided to put all my energy and focus on rethinking tech startups, the modern entrepreneur's playground. Can I combine the social-impact values of my San Francisco childhood with the design-led cosmopolitanism of my adulthood? How can we continue to accelerated innovation to improve economic empowerment while embracing the happiness-inducing slow-life of previous generations?

If I had to sum myself up in one phrase, it would be a quote from Karl Lagerfeld: 


"Ma curiosité est insatiable, je vampirise l’air du temps."

international business development

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international business development


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